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February 28, 2017

NEW Chrysler Pacifica Brings the Heat!!

It is truly crazy how technologically advanced our world is now. Not only in our homes but also in our vehicles. With the new Chrysler Pacifica’s […]
February 27, 2017

Cross Path Detection

Have you ever backed-up with a blindfold on? If so, you know you’re going to be crashing into all kinds of object! So why, would you […]
February 27, 2017

Meatball Sliders– Quick & Easy!

For those days that you are dragging and just don’t have the energy to cook some humongous meal for your family try something like this. These […]
February 25, 2017
Daniel drove from Kansas City to purchase his vehicle at Woody's!

Daniel from Kansas City, Missouri shares his buying story!

Woody’s Automotive Group | Chillicothe, MO | Phone: (888) 869-0963 Daniel’s sales advisor was Jeff Henderson, he said he really got to know Jeff well! He […]
February 25, 2017
Debra drove from Kansas City to purchase her Jeep Cherokee!

Debra from Kansas City shares her Jeep buying Story!

Jeep | Woody’s Automotive Group |  Chillicothe, MO | Phone: (888) 869-0963 Debra’s sales advisors were Polly Applebury and Neva Olson, she thought Polly and Neva […]
February 23, 2017

Chore Organizer!

I feel like this is the PERFECT way to both motivate as well as organize the chores for your children. This is a very simple chart […]
February 21, 2017

Adaptive Headlight

When I hear Adaptive Headlights honestly I instantly think they adapt from High to Low beam but actually they do not. What they do do is […]
February 20, 2017

Rainbow Colored Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!

Cooking for kids can be a challenge at times. Sometimes your busy trying to get stuff done, or tired because its been a long day and […]
February 16, 2017

Outdoor Bed Big Enough For The Whole Family!

When it’s beautiful outside it would be nice to go stretch out and read a book, or take a nap, or relax and watch the kiddos […]
February 14, 2017

Blind Spot Monitoring

Have you ever been driving down the road and went to get over and did not see that there was in fact a vehicle beside you […]