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  • Adaptive Headlight

    When I hear Adaptive Headlights honestly I instantly think they adapt from High to Low beam but actually they do not. What they do do is something so much cooler and very useful. When you are driving at night and go around a cure is when they can be extremely handy. You see, normal headlights are in one direct position so they only see directly in front of your vehicle. Adaptive Headlights actually have a sensor in them that can detect your steering angle and pretty much turn in the direction your vehicle is going. THAT'S AMAZING!! Below there are different pictures showing you exactly in depth how these bad boys work! more

  • Rainbow Colored Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!

    Cooking for kids can be a challenge at times. Sometimes your busy trying to get stuff done, or tired because its been a long day and your youngin comes up to you and says "Im hungry!". Well this is a simple solution for either a quick lunch, or even a dinner. Something they will have fun helping you make even as well as it makes eating them fun! You will NEED just a few items: Mozzarella Cheese 4 Bowls Bread Food Coloring (4) Butter All you have to DO is: Add cheese into each bowl Grab each of your food coloring tubes and add 1 color to each bowl of cheese Mix up so that all the cheese in each bowl is covered in the food coloring Butter your bread and lay 1 slice in the skillet Add 1 color AT A TIME in its own section, filling the slice of bread After you have added your cheese, simply add your 2nd slice of bread and cook each side until golden brown WALA!!!!!! Something simple to do that will fill up the kids and make you the coolest mom/dad ever!!! =) more

  • Outdoor Bed Big Enough For The Whole Family!

    When it's beautiful outside it would be nice to go stretch out and read a book, or take a nap, or relax and watch the kiddos play. Hammocks can be a pain because it can be rather easy to fall out of one with the wrong sudden move as well as the good ones don't come cheep! How about you take a few hour and make something way better than a hammock!!!!! There are 3 simple steps to making this wonderful outside bed!-- If you don't already have an old trampoline laying around i'm sure you can find one cheep because A LOT of people have old ones that they just don't need anymore! Create a cushion of the bed. -How about covering foam with old sheets -OR for a tough cover use a canvas drop cloth from the paint department of the hardware store Cover the edge of the frame with strips of cloth and rope. Suspend the bed with ropes from a sturdy support. ANNNDDD there you have it- PERFECTION!! more

  • Blind Spot Monitoring

    Have you ever been driving down the road and went to get over and did not see that there was in fact a vehicle beside you in your blind spot? Maybe a highway incident?? Well there is now a fancy technology to help you with that and this is what it does This feature will warn you if a car or sometimes other objects is in your left or right blind spot. Your warnings will appear in your side view mirrors or in the windshield frame. Some advanced versions of this feature may give you an audible warning (or other type of warning) if you use your turn signal and there is a vehicle in your blind spot. Some extra helpful tips and facts with this technology is: Make sure that your blind spot monitor’s sensors are not blocked by moisture, snow, dirt or other material. Read your owner’s manual for more information on what the blind spot monitor’s various warnings mean. Blind spot monitors are optimized for highway driving and highway speeds; they may not work as well with slow-moving or … more

  • 2017 Missouri Dealer of the Year Award Announced!

    This distinction is awarded to top-rated U.S. and Canadian dealerships who demonstrate excellent customer service as expressed by consumer reviews written on DealerRater. Chillicothe, MO - January 27th, 2017 – Woody's Automotive Group wins 3 TOP HONORS; 2017 DealerRater Dodge Dealer of the Year Award, 2017 DealerRater Ram Dealer of the Year Award, 2017 Consumer Satisfaction Award! These awards recognize auto dealerships across the U.S. and Canada who deliver outstanding customer service, based on consumer reviews written on DealerRater.com. "Congratulations to Woody's Automotive Group on being named 2017 Dealer of the Year. Car buyers have spoken and have identified Woody's Automotive Group as the best Dodge and Ram dealer to do business with in MO," said DealerRater CEO Gary Tucker. "The quality and number of reviews for Woody's Automotive Group speak volumes of the top-notch experiences they provide to customers." The DealerRater Dealer of the Year Awards are based on … more

  • 3 Ingredient Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken!!

    Chicken is something that is easy, goes with just about anything, and almost all people love! So this week im giving you a yummy meal for the family that will be easy to make and just leave in a pot to cook for you and BOOM, dinner is served! You will NEED: 4-6 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 8oz. can of crushed pineapple, drained 1 16oz bottle of barbeque sauce HOW to: Place chicken in a greased 305-5 quart crock pot Combine drained pineapple and BBQ sauce in a bowl and pour over meat Cook on HIGH heat for 3-4 hours or on LOW heat fro 6-8 hours Serve over rice (optional) more

  • Valentine Mail Box!!!!

    Every year for Valentine's Day children come home needing a new "mail box" made to collect all their valentines! Well check out this EASY, FUN, CUTE little mail box that you can make for boys and girls!! All you need is: A box (whatever size you would like your mailbox to be) Construction Paper Pipe Cleaners(spiraled) Glue/Tape Instructions: Cut out a slot that will be the mouth of your monster AND also where other children put the valentines Draw and cut out some teeth on a white sheet of paper and glue onto the box After you have all of those steps complete, Cover the box with whatever color construction paper you are wanting the "monster" to be and then glue it to the box. Cut out shapes to glue on the box for extra decoration For the arms and legs you need to cut out long strips of colored construction paper and fold it repeatedly, unfold and tape/glue to the body of the monster You may make the shoes and hands anyway you would like to by cutting them out of more … more


    Trying to back your truck up to your trailer can be such a pain! Some even need others to stand back behind the vehicle and guide them. Well there is actually A technology that will solve that issue for you! Trailer Backup Assist is a system that has been in development for 5 years! This is an easy, quick system for people to use now. The system can store up to as many as 10 trailers, each as long as 33 feet. The only thing you really have to do is program the computer to work with any trailer which is around a 10 min process and add a black and white sticker to the hitch so the rear camera-based system can keep track of what the trailer is doing and boom your all set! The driver just has to turn a knob on the dash, and the truck does the rest! The rear camera gives the computer a reference angle using the black and white sticker for reference, limiting the truck's rearward speed as the angle of the trailer increases. The features as of right now does NOT work for gooseneck trailers … more

  • Heart-Shaped S'more Cookies! <3

    Valentine's Day is here again. This year though it will be falling on a Tuesday, which is kind of a bummer because most people are busy busy during the week and even though they want to celebrate this holiday and make it mean something for their special someone, they just will not have much time to spare! Well here is a cute little way to show your someone how you feel. It's something that you could do for them on the holiday and then surprise them with their actually big lover day surprise when you have a little more time! I hope you enjoy these yummy snacks! more

  • Fun with the kids! Air Dry Clay!!

    This is such a neat idea to try with your kids! It's very simple and easy to do and gives you the chance to teach as well as play with your kiddos! To start this little project you will need a few small at home items such as: 4 Ounces of CORNSTARCH 4 Ounces of GLUE 1 Tablespoon of VEGETABLE or BABY OIL 1 Tablespoon of LEMON JUICE or WHITE VINEGAR How to do it: After you have all your ingredients you simply MIX and CREATE You can add FOOD COLORING or just leave it white so that your kiddos can PAINT it Your kids can make what ever object they please and let it sit until dry I absolutely love these fun, easy, creative projects and how they give you the chance to build memories with your family! Enjoy!! more