Tech Tuesday Tips

Vehicle & Computer Technology Tips

  • EW!! Whats That Smell???

    IMAGINE THIS…You are in Love with your car. It’s your dream car and everything you ever wanted in life... you can’t even remember life before you owned it! Ok maybe thats a little far, but you get the point. Anyways…About a year into your “relationship” you start to notice a funny smell in your car. You can’t quite pinpoint it. Is is it the air-conditioning? Perhaps the heater? Did you leave an old sandwich or Baby diaper under the seat? You begin to worry…”WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??” You start to feel as if “old faithful” is beginning to let you down. Regardless of what you do, that same disguising, musty smell lingers on…and...on…and ON! Wouldn’t it be nice if I told you that the cure for that nasty, musty old smell was simple? Well great new…IT IS!! Did you know that every car has an air filter in it, just like the ones you have in your house? It helps to keep the dust, allergens and pollutants from making their way into your vehicle. So, if you start to smell that "musty, … more

  • Hot Car? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

    Summer is Upon us, and with that means pool time, sun and of course that suffocating heat! You know that moment when you let yourself into your car, and as soon as you open the door, you immediately get punched in the face with an imaginary “heat fist”? And you think to yourself…”Self…I think i'll just wait out in this beating sun until my car cools down.” The only problem is…It’s SO HOT OUTSIDE, the probability of your car cooling down to a bearable temperature anytime soon is definitely not in your favor. If your one of those people, I’ve got a simple, AND FREE tip to help you get your vehicle’s temperature in drivable condition. STEP 1: Roll down either the Driver’s Side window or Passenger Side window. STEP 2: Walk around to the opposite door of whatever window you rolled down (if you rolled down the Driver side window, Go to the Passenger Door). STEP 3: Open and close the door 5-6 times and VOILA! A temperature regulated vehicle! This Creates circulated airflow … more

  • LOST and Can't Find Your Car? We've got the solution!

    Here’s a Quick Story: Your on vacation in a big city. You opt to drive your own car instead of public transportation as it gives you more options and decide to go to the city center where the most hustle and bustle is. Since your not familiar with the city set up, you park in a parking garage not knowing that within two blocks of your garage, there are 10 other garages…all color coded. AND of course you forget to look at the garage “color code” when leaving your car, because who really thinks to do that? SO you see the sites that the city has to offer and decide to head back to your car. You head to the garage that you assume you car is in…ride the elevator to the assumed floor AND…SURPRISE! You car is nowhere to be found! The garage map informs you that ( news flash!) there are 10 other parking garages in your area. Thus, your journey begins… You walk, and walk and search and search some more, but to no avail. Two hours, 4 miles and a Jamba Juice stop later, you finally find your … more

  • FOGGY EYES? Clean your Headlights with Toothpaste!

    PICTURE THIS: Your on a road trip, driving at night in the middle of nowhere…maybe Kansas. Windows down…breeze on your face. There’s Only One Problem…Your Headlights aren’t bright enough to properly see the road…even on the brightest setting. SO you decide to stop for the night. You wake up the next morning, only to realize that the entire problem was caused because your headlights are so foggy that the light from your vehicle can’t get past it. You ask Yourself…”Self…how do I clean these?” So, You take your foggy eyed car to the car wash…but the soapy water doesn’t seem to do anything at all. PROBLEM SOLVED!! You literally will need 4 INGREDIENTS: Toothpaste Rags Water Your nasty Headlights DIRECTIONS: Squirt some toothpaste onto your Rag. And Scrub Your Headlights/Taillights until they look clean. Rinse it off with some water and SHAZAM!! Your lights look new! It’s Seriously that easy! If you think that your vehicle may have something more than just some foggy … more

  • Get Your Car's Beach Body Back - Spring Cleaning Tip's for Your Ride

    Winter was Rough. Not just on your morale and waistline, but also on your car! Ever think about the effect that those freezing temperatures mixed with snow, ice, mud…not to mention salt (ohhhh those salts) have on your vehicle? Suffice it to say…your car could probably use a little TLC. So, here are some tips for getting your car’s “beach body” back! Luck for you, giving your car the once over, won’t cost a lot. If your mechanically inclined, it’s likely something you can do for yourself. If not, take your vehicle to any automotive center, where they will rotate your tires, change your oils + fluids and inspect your vehicle for any signs of winter wear and damage. NEXT: Wash the underbody of your vehicle. That is where the most dirt and damage occurs since it is exposed to the elements the most. You can do this at the local car wash, preventing your vehicle from rust and corrosion, which could lead to much more expensive damage in the future. Scrub the Inside and Outside of … more

  • Everyone loves a waterslide... except when they're driving!

    It's springtime in the midwest!  That means rain and wind- sometimes lots of rain in a short amount of time.  You've seen the posts about tires before- how they can save you money at the gas pump, old tires, and the importance of keeping them aligned.  Ever think about the performance of your car when it starts to rain?  It's just rain right?  It's not like it's a frozen winter wonderland out there.  Did you know that water on the road can build itself between the road and the tire?  It's a situation called hydroplaning, and if it happens to all your wheels at the same time, your car can be as uncontrollable as a sled.  WHEE!  This condition happens when a tire runs into more water that the tread can dissipate.  The extra water can act like a wedge, lifting a tire from the surface of the road and allowing you to skate with little (if any) contact with the pavement.   Your best defense against this is to take it slow … more

  • I can save money while I'm sitting? Tell me more!

    How can I save fuel when I'm not driving?  Easy-  don't work the engine too hard when the car's not moving.  If your engine is running but the car isn't going anywhere, your money is just flying out the tailpipe.  Idling is an mpg killer because when you're waiting at that road construction site or trapped by the never-ending freight train, your fuel economy is 0 mpg.   Shift into neutral while you wait By dropping your transmission into neutral (this is true for both automatics and stick-shifts), you should notice that your engine runs a little calmer and at a lower rpm.  By keeping the car in drive during these marathon waiting sessions, it puts an extra and unnecessary load on the engine, and it does nothing but drain fuel.  If you're running your air conditioner during these stops, your engine already has enough of a load working against it.   Just shut the car off If it's a nice day outside and you can survive without your air … more

  • High tech features just keep showing up- even the boring parts of the car are high-tech!

    Tech Tuesday Windshield Wipers wistiaEmbed = Wistia.embed("366cxgg11q", { videoFoam: true }); There's lots of technology packed into newer vehicles that really make the driving experience much better than it was "back in the day". Some of this new technology is out-front and immediately noticed by everyone, but there's just as much new technology that's packed away into some of the more mundane things. Like what, you ask? How about those everyday, run-of-the-mill windshield wipers? Did you know there are vehicles that can turn on the wipers when you need them? Gone are the days of fumbling for the wipers when that semi sprays a puddle all over your windshield. It's the little add-on's of technology that make newer vehicles safer to drive and just plain fun to show off to your friends. If you haven't been carshopping in awhile, I think you'll be amazed by the advancements that have come along in the last few years. Check out all kinds of new technology on the 10-acre … more

  • Don't get burned by that cooling system- Check your antifreeze

    The proper level of engine coolant in your vehicles's radiator and coolant reservoir is essential to the engine running correctly.   In fact, the coolant (antifreeze) level is critical and helps prevent serious damage to the engine that would be caused by overheating.  Normally, when your vehicle is in for routine maintenance, such as an oil change, the technician will also check the levels and mixture of your antifreeze, topping it off if necessary.  However, if your engine coolant warning lamp comes on, your vehicle may have developed a small leak.  If this lamp comes on, the best thing is to stop driving and let the engine cool down before checking the coolant level.  If you notice any steam or hot coolant coming from the vehicle, don't open the hood until stops- hot antifreeze can cause serious burns!  Once everything is cool, find the coolant expansion tank.  You can add antifreeze up to the maximum level indicator.  Make sure the … more

  • Where are you going? I don't know- I can't see the road!

    Good visibility when driving is crucial.   Now that it's almost springtime, you really depend  on your windshield wipers and windshield washer fluid to help maintain a clean view of the road.  Of course, that washer fluid does run out, and it always seems to happen at the worst times.  Depending on your vehicle, you may see a warning light on the dashboard that lets you know your're about to run out of washer fluid.  If your vehicle is like the winter beater I've been driving around, you'll think everything is fine until it's too late.  Either way, springtime is a good time to check and refill the washer fluid levels in your vehicle. This is a very easy job-  Just open the hood and locate the washer fluid reservoir cap, which probably has a symbol like this: Just add more washer fluid!  Make sure you add the appropriate fluid for the lowest temperatures in your area- You dont' want that fluid freezing in the lines or on the … more