Say Goodbye to Drinking and Driving!

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As I was watching TV the other day I heard yet another story about somebody drinking and driving which led to a fatality. It seems as though those stories can be hear every day. Sitting there I thought to myself, “Self, when are people going to figure out that drinking and driving NEVER leads to anything good?” So, Curiosity got the best of me and I began researching what the automotive industry is doing, if anything to curtail the efforts of those with nefarious intent. Upon my digging I found this disturbing information…DID YOU KNOW that Drunk Driving kills 28 people PER DAY? The statistics are overwhelming. Luckily, scientists are one step ahead as they look to create cars WITHIN 3 years that are able to test your blood alcohol level before you start your car. If it’s above the legal limit of 0.08, your vehicle literally will not start. Watch the video below to get all of the astounding details!

This Looks extremely promising! This just may be the greatest advance that the Technology AND Automotive Industry have made to date! Need more information about your vehicle? Contact us at Woody's Automotive Group and chat with one of our Certified Technicians!