Got Carbon Skidmark?

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Woodys Automotive Group

These days you can hardly go anywhere without hearing about “go green” or “organic.” Everybody wants to do their part in protecting our environment. If your environmentally conscious and would like to make your car more “Green”, Here are a few steps to assure that your car is having the LEAST damaging effect on the environment:

Follow Your Vehicles Service Schedule: Including the Manufacturer Guidelines for “tune up’s” Meaning, Check your gas cap, assure that your oil is changed, monitor the engine’s performance, and replace those air filters!

Maximize you Fuel Efficiency: Avoid sudden stop/starts, don’t speed OR “gun it”. These few simple driving techniques will minimize your carbon footprint!

Carpool for the long haul: If it’s at all possible for you to carpool, DO IT! Not only will it be nicer on your wallet, but you will really minimize your fuel usage! Many cities now offer carpool lanes which you can enjoy if you have 2+ people in your car…See ya traffic!

Public Transport is where it's at: Use public transport or ride your bike!

Don’t Blast The A/C: instead, open your windows to cool the car down! Not only does it make you feel as if your “one” with nature, BUT it helps minimize your fuel usage!

If you would like to do your part and get a tune up your vehicle, or see how you can make your car more "efficient" visit us at Woody's Automotive Group and chat with one of our Certified Tech's!

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