Easy Breezy: Your Road Trip Checklist to Get your Car in Fighting Shape

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You know that feeling you get when you pass someone having car problems and you think to yourself "Boy, That Sucks!" and then hope that doesn't happen to you. With these few steps, you can assure that your road trip is going to be easy breezy!

  1. The Tires - Not all tire/road hazards can be avoided. However, several can be prevented by simply getting a thorough tire inspection. Tires are the #1 vehicle failure when it comes to road trips. Make sure before you hit the road to have a Certified Technician inspect your tires for wear and tread life, as well as properly inflate.

  2. The Suspension - Have your Technician inspect the suspension of your car. If they need replaced, you will notice a HUGE difference in how your vehicle drives and rides down the road.

  3. The Cooling System - The second most common roadside problem that plagues road trippers is cooling system failure. This service removes corrosive liquids that wear down important parts and ruins hoses. Luckily, the Cooling System is an easy fix with proper maintenance.

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  1. The Transmission - ALWAYS have your transmission checked before embarking on a road trip. Transmission failure is quite costly to repair, and often takes awhile to fix.

  2. The Fuel Efficiency - You don’t have to be a veteran road tripper to know the benefits of achieving better feel efficiency when road tripping. Make Sure your Certified Technician Changes your oil, checks the engine air filter,cleans the fuel system, and does a routing check up. These things can greatly improve your fuel efficiency.

  3. The Radio - Depending what year, make and model your car is, you may have the capability of connecting satellite radio to your car. Forget switching through every back country radio out there, trying to find something appropriate for the whole family to listen to. Instead, subscribe to satellite radio and you can listen to the same station (News, Talk shows, Disney, Country etc.) even if you are in the middle of the desert.

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