Tech Tuesday Tips

Vehicle & Computer Technology Tips

  • Toothpaste can do WHAT?!

    Are your headlamps looking dirty with a nasty film buildup making them look dull? Well not no longer! With a few items and a little time you can have them shining in minutes! Use this quick and easy trick! That's right, Toothpaste to clean headlights! You'll need white toothpaste with or without baking soda ( not a gel ), place toothpaste on lights in circular motions, scrub with old toothbrush, cloth, or paper towels, or even a soft scrub brush until you see the dirt and grime start to come off, Rinse with water, repeat if necessary. Wow! more

  • WHATS THAT? 5 Tech Features You May Not Know are In Your Vehicle

    In this Day and Age, technology is running rampant in the automotive industry. Did you know, if you have a newer model vehicle, your vehicle may have features that you didn’t even know existed? Keep Reading below to see if your vehicle has any of these features! Want to know if your vehicle has any of these features? Give us at Call at Woody’s Automotive Group! Bluetooth allows you to access your phone through the media center of your vehicle. Access Your Address Book, Make Calls, Receive Calls and stream your music through your vehicle without ever touching your phone! Newer Bluetooth Models even store your information so you don’t have to plug anything in! Bluetooth is a must-have in this day and age. Luckily, most vehicles come with them! App Integration is the newest feature using Bluetooth. Imagine Climbing into your car, only to remember you’ve forgot your phone several miles away…thus, also all of your music. If Your vehicle has App Integration (most newer models do) you … more

  • Easy Breezy: Your Road Trip Checklist to Get your Car in Fighting Shape

    You know that feeling you get when you pass someone having car problems and you think to yourself "Boy, That Sucks!" and then hope that doesn't happen to you. With these few steps, you can assure that your road trip is going to be easy breezy! The Tires - Not all tire/road hazards can be avoided. However, several can be prevented by simply getting a thorough tire inspection. Tires are the #1 vehicle failure when it comes to road trips. Make sure before you hit the road to have a Certified Technician inspect your tires for wear and tread life, as well as properly inflate. The Suspension - Have your Technician inspect the suspension of your car. If they need replaced, you will notice a HUGE difference in how your vehicle drives and rides down the road. The Cooling System - The second most common roadside problem that plagues road trippers is cooling system failure. This service removes corrosive liquids that wear down important parts and ruins hoses. Luckily, the Cooling System is … more

  • Scuffs and Scratches Be Gone!

    It’s happened to all of us…We’ve pulled up to a parking block to quickly and scuffed the front bumper of our car. While nursing your bruised ego and kicking yourself for scratching your “baby” you think to yourself…"self…what the heck am I going to do to fix these scratches and scuffs?" Well…worry no more because with these two tips, the exterior of your car will be looking fresh in no time! Scuffs - Scuffs are ugly and an eyesore, no doubt! So how do you fix them? Simply grab a toothbrush and some toothpaste! Buff the toothpaste into the scuff’s until they’re gone! Wipe off with a cloth and some water, and your good as new! Scratches - Scratches are more difficult to solve. Not only are they also an eyesore, BUT they can create some serious damage to your paint job. So, how do you get the scratches out? It’s simple…grab some WD-40, and a buffing cloth. Heavily coat the scratches with your WD-40 and buff the scratches until they disappear. Note - This works for more superficial … more

  • Hack your Roadtrip! 10 Tips for a Problem - Free Roadtrip!

    We've all been there. You plan this road trip for weeks and weeks but then once your FINALLY on it, nothing seems to be going right! Cut the stress of road trips with these 10 simple steps! 1.Need a cool beverage? Forget stopping at a gas station every time you need a cold drink. Instead, pack a car cooler to store food and beverages for easy access! Some vehicles even have coolers built into them! Gas is Expensive! Instead of just stopping at the nearest gas station where they hike their prices up, us the app Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas prices near you! You and your buddies splitting the cost of the trip? Use the app Venmo to help you seamlessly split costs! Use a shower Caddy to keep all of your spare fluids from tipping over! Don’t Get Stuck in the desert without cell service and no idea of where to go! Save your Google Maps so that you can access directions even when you don’t have service! Keep an open box of dryer sheets hidden in your vehicle … more

  • Here's How to Clean Dirty Seats

    Whether or not you have had your vehicle for along time, sooner or later, your seats are going to start to show the wear and tear of every day use. IF your vehicle seats look like someone lost their appetite on them, this article is for you! Here is an easy DIY tip for cleaning those DIRTY Seats! What you'll need: 1 cup of Distilled Vinegar 1 cup of Club Sodaenter code here 1/2 cup of Blue Dawn Dish Washing Liquid. (Use more or less to your liking) Spray Bottle Scrub Brush What to do: Mix everything together in a spray bottle and shake it up really good. Spray on the seats and let soak for 5-10 minutes. Scrub in circular motion with a brush and you'll notice the stains lift up as you are scrubbing. Take a wash cloth, wet it, and wipe down to remove the soap. NOTE: you might have to do it twice depending on the level of soil AND leave the doors open for a bit afterwards to air it out! If you have any other questions about your car, PLEASE don't hesitate to chat with … more

  • Say Goodbye to Drinking and Driving!

    As I was watching TV the other day I heard yet another story about somebody drinking and driving which led to a fatality. It seems as though those stories can be hear every day. Sitting there I thought to myself, “Self, when are people going to figure out that drinking and driving NEVER leads to anything good?” So, Curiosity got the best of me and I began researching what the automotive industry is doing, if anything to curtail the efforts of those with nefarious intent. Upon my digging I found this disturbing information…DID YOU KNOW that Drunk Driving kills 28 people PER DAY? The statistics are overwhelming. Luckily, scientists are one step ahead as they look to create cars WITHIN 3 years that are able to test your blood alcohol level before you start your car. If it’s above the legal limit of 0.08, your vehicle literally will not start. Watch the video below to get all of the astounding details! This Looks extremely promising! This just may be the greatest advance that the … more

  • Protect Yourself before you Wreck Yourself: 4 tips for protecting your vehicles Tech Privacy

    Have you ever thought about how much technology is in your car? Well, if you haven’t here’s a news flash…nearly everything in your vehicle is controlled by technology (unless of course your still driving a Flintstone’s era vehicle). If you read last Tuesday’s TechTuesday Post, I touched some on how even your vehicle’s engine is controlled by a computer! (if you didn’t read it shame on you…just kidding, but go read it!) If your like me, in the days of hackers running rampant and impersonators stealing personal information…you have probably at some point thought about protecting your car’s tech privacy from those with malicious intent. OR maybe your thinking…NAH, that can’t happen. If that’s you…your oh so wrong! Either way…keep reading to learn four tips for protecting your car’s Tech Privacy! Out-Think your GPS: Did you know that someone seeking malicious intent could access your car’s GPS System to figure out where you live? ITS SO EASY! So, instead of saving your HOME address as … more

  • DID you Know? 5 Tips You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Your Car!

    1. Your fuel Gauge tells you what side of your vehicle your gas tank is on. Gone are the days of pulling up to the gas pump and having to switch pumps because your fuel tank is on the other side. Just look at the arrow next to your your cars fuel indicator. The arrow is the side your fuel tank is on. 2. Your engine is nearly completely run by a computer. Auto Manufacturers have evolved engine computers enough that they now handle aspects such as fuel efficiency and emissions. Problems with your engine computer can cause all sorts of problems if not “fine tuned” even causing your car to stall. 3. Your car has over 30,000 parts. Ever wonder why cars are so expensive? Its because every thing your see in your car, comes in thousands of different parts (like handle screws). Can you see how the numbers add up? 4. Cars of the future will have to have their own drivers license. Kinda weird to think about isn’t it? All self-driving cars of the future will have to have their own … more

  • Got Carbon Skidmark?

    Woodys Automotive Group These days you can hardly go anywhere without hearing about “go green” or “organic.” Everybody wants to do their part in protecting our environment. If your environmentally conscious and would like to make your car more “Green”, Here are a few steps to assure that your car is having the LEAST damaging effect on the environment: Follow Your Vehicles Service Schedule: Including the Manufacturer Guidelines for “tune up’s” Meaning, Check your gas cap, assure that your oil is changed, monitor the engine’s performance, and replace those air filters! Maximize you Fuel Efficiency: Avoid sudden stop/starts, don’t speed OR “gun it”. These few simple driving techniques will minimize your carbon footprint! Carpool for the long haul: If it’s at all possible for you to carpool, DO IT! Not only will it be nicer on your wallet, but you will really minimize your fuel usage! Many cities now offer carpool lanes which you can enjoy if you have 2+ people in your car…See ya … more